How Skin Resurfacing Makes You Look Younger and Why Plasma is Stealing the Show.

I’m often asked just how Skin Resurfacing works. How does it make me look younger? How does skin resurfacing remove fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and scars? First thing, understand it’s your own built-in healing and repair that does the heavy lifting here. All resurfacing procedures basically inflict controlled damage, stimulating your body to heal. The magic happens when stem cells arrive and multiply stimulating fresh baby-new skin with high collagen content.

How Skin Resurfacing works

The only difference in the various skin resurfacing techniques is simply how the damage is done. Chemicals, heat, mechanical or light energy have all been used effectively for skin resurfacing. The intensity can also be dialed up if you wish your resurfacing to be more aggressive.

More aggressive techniques such as CO2 laser resurfacing can provide great results. But, the cost, the downtime, and the risks are typically highest. Light acid chemical peels or dermabrasions will have far less risk. These also have very little or no downtime, but your results will also be subtle.

Why is “Plasma” So Different

New advanced technology can deliver results like fractionated CO2, but now with minimal downtime and low risk. Also safe for darker skin types, the new Opus Plasma has turned our CO2 laser into an expensive hat rack in the corner of the room.

Plasma (you may remember this fourth state of matter from physics class) is what gives Opus Plasma its name. This revolutionary machine generates plasma at the skin surface creating tiny micro-channels. Although barely visible, they’re enough to stimulate the same stem cell remodeling and rejuvenation process.

Opus Plasma treatments

At Med Spa VIP, we will apply cream for numbing then a treatment takes about 20-30 minutes for your face. It feels like tingling or warmth against the skin. Immediately after that you notice some redness and feel some heat. The cool facemask and moisturizing gel feel great right after.

You’ll be asked to keep the area moisturized and out of the sun, otherwise you can go about your normal day. It is recommended that you do all three treatments each 4 weeks apart for ideal results. The good news is that most providers will offer package discounts and this treatment is often still less costly than one CO2 laser treatment.

How Soon to Smooth Skin

Many of us notice clear improvements in skin texture and fine lines within days of an Opus Plasma treatment. This early benefit is likely in large part coming from the ongoing inflammatory healing response. The stem cells have moved in and activated the regenerative process.

The bulk of the remodeling and rejuvenating process will happen over the weeks following your third Opus Plasma skin resurfacing treatment. The results at that point are permanent, but your ongoing aging process continues dependent on factors such as your genetics, nutrition, and skincare routine.

Opus Plasma for Other Body Areas

Plasma skin resurfacing can be used on any part of your body. Unlike some lasers, the skin around the eyes can be treated with Opus Plasma safely right up to your lash line. It’s a popular treatment for any area of the body where the skin has sustained unwanted sun damage like the neck, decollate. Any skin that is sagging, blotchy or wrinkly will benefit from plasma resurfacing. Opus plasma has also become a popular effective treatment for scars and stretch marks.

Now after 6 months of the Opus Plasma skin resurfacing anti-aging experience at Med Spa VIP, the verdict is in: Other older skin resurfacing techniques just don’t stack up. The trusted Good Housekeeping brand agrees by bestowing upon Opus Plasma a 2021 Best Beauty Award.

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